LBGCBP Centre Away Day

Thursday 27th September 2018 was the launch of the centre’s first ‘Away Day’.  Located at the beautiful surroundings of Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield, the day was scheduled around various research updates and team-building activities among LBGCBP’s team members and in attendance of Andrew Brown from Lloyds Banking Group and Professor George Feiger from Aston…

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The Economic Consequences of Brexit

Trade Effects of the Brexit Announcement Shock Mustapha Douch (Aston University),  T.Huw Edwards (Loughborough University) and Christain Soegaard (University of Warwick) Abstract: The unexpected vote for Leave in the Brexit referendum of June 2016 has introduced a classic case of a ‘rene- gotiation period’ for trade agreements, where no formal barriers have been…

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LBG Centre for Business Prosperity – Seminar Series 2018-2019

The dates for our LBG Centre for Business Prosperity seminars can be found below: Term 1 10th of October 2018: Dr Arash Sadeghi (ABS-LLoyds Centre) "Perceived export performance measurement model & Post-entry speed of internationalisation" 17th of October 2018: Dr Mustapha Douch (ABS-Lloyds Centre) “The Trade Effects of the Brexit Announcement Shock” – Room MB231…

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Agelos Delis – How US Tariffs will affect Different parts of the EU

Dr Agelos Delis discusses the costs and potential benefits to EU countries arising due to the introduction of US Steel and Aluminium tariffs in the summer of 2018. To read the full article, click here.  

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As part of our research into topics including trade and productivity & skills, we have produced a series of detailed publications which you are welcome to download and study the findings.


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