Blog Post: The end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end for UK trade?

The end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end for UK trade? 19 March 2021 2020 was a terrible year for UK trade. Overall, UK exports in goods contracted by almost 15%, down by £54.5 bln[i] in the twelve-month period, this is even worse than the contraction seen in the UK economy as a whole, which was just under 10% in GDP terms. [ii] Furthermore, the…

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Blog Post: Are Individualistic Societies Worse at Responding to Pandemics?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently suggested that coronavirus infections are higher in the UK than Germany or Italy because Britons love freedom more, and find it harder to adhere to control measures. Unsurprisingly, this view has attracted a lot of criticism. Some have argued that Germany and Italy love freedom just as much as the UK . Others suggest the…

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Blog Post: How Brexit Trade Restrictions could Decimate the Professional and Business Services Sectors

The UK’s professional and business services (PBS) sectors are some of the country’s most vibrant and productive – and are vital contributors to the nation’s economy. They are also competitive international traders, active in the global market and contributing hugely to the trade surplus in services that helps balance the UK’s large trade deficit in goods. As the…

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Blog Post: Lessons from China – This is how COVID-19 could affect globalization

The Conversation article, 'Coronavirus won’t kill globalisation – but a shakeup is inevitable' written by Prof Jun Du, Dr Agelos Delis, Dr Mustapha Douch and Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo  has been published in the World Economic Forum 'Lessons from China: This is how COVID-19 could affect globalization'.          

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Blog Post: Coronavirus won’t kill globalisation – but a shakeup is inevitable

The COVID-19 pandemic is now expected to trigger the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Many argue it could unravel globalisation altogether. Globalisation relies on complex links – global value chains (GVCs) – that connect producers across multiple countries. These producers often use highly specialised intermediate goods, or “inputs”, produced by…

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Blog Post: US-UK trade talks have begun – here’s what each side wants and what to expect

Trade talks between the UK and US have officially begun. Both parties are working towards a free trade agreement – a full deal, as opposed to something like the recent China-US “mini deal” that focuses on certain export targets to manage trade between the two countries. Like a lot of relationships at the moment, this one is being negotiated over video.……

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Blog Post: How to boost UK productivity after coronavirus

The UK faces a highly uncertain economic future – with its recent withdrawal from the EU and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak casting much into disarray. But one thing is clear: as part of its recovery, the UK economy will need to address some serious long-term issues around productivity. Productivity is the output produced given the inputs employed, such as…

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Blog Post: How Technology and Skills are key to cracking the UK’s Productivity Puzzle

Productivity can turbo charge economic growth – and ensure the survival and expansion of individual firms. But while a productivity slowdown has put the brakes on many developed economies since the 2008 financial crisis, the UK has been particularly hard hit. In fact, the UK’s productivity growth has lagged behind that of other comparable economies since the 1970s and the…

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Blog Post: Trade Diversion and Brexit Uncertainties

The normal pattern is that countries trade most with the countries that are closest to them, especially big ones that are close by.With a nod to physics, this is called the Gravity Theory of Trade: close objects have a much stronger gravitational pull than objects farther away.Yet, since the Brexit referendum, small and medium sized UK firms have begun to divert their…

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