Press Release: Feeding the Celtic Tiger – Brexit, Ireland and Services Trade

Irish eyes smiling as Brexit sees services trade switch from UK 31 May 2021 | Birmingham, UK Ireland “the big winner from Brexit” as its services exports boom at Britain’s expense since 2016 Irish services exports surged by £126bn (€144bn) as the UK’s fell by £113bn (€130bn) from previous trends in the wake of the referendum While Covid-19 has distorted trade…

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Press Release: UK Goods Exports Slump by £45bn and Market Share Shrinks in Covid Trade Rout

  UK goods exports slump by £54bn and market share shrinks in Covid trade rout 8 March 2021 | Birmingham, UK   Britain’s goods exports fell by £54bn (14.7%) in 2020 as Covid-19 convulsed global markets Key manufactures including cars, machinery and pharmaceuticals all slumped in global markets – but gold was an unlikely exception As some markets…

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Press Release: 1.5m Tourism and Hospitality Jobs at Risk, Study Finds

Following the publication of the article  'UK Tourism and Hospitality through Covid-19: the dissolved, the liquidised and the dormant'  written by Dr Chris Cao, Prof Jun Du and Dr Michail Karoglou, Aston University have issued a press release entitled '1.5m tourism and hospitality jobs at risk'. The article, based on the new analysis suggests that nearly a million…

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Press Release: Small Firms find Online Lifeline Amid the Turmoil

The research paper, 'Defying Gravity? Policy Uncertainty, Trade Destruction and Diversion' by Professor Jun Du, Dr Mustapha Douch and Dr Enrico Vanino highlighting small businesses in the UK are 'jumping before they are pushed', diverting exports away from the EU out of fears of tariffs under a no deal Brexit has received press coverage in The Times: 'Firms find…

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Press Release: UK SMEs ‘jumping before they’re pushed’ in switch to non-EU markets

Small businesses in the UK are diverting exports away from the EU, according to a report into international sales trends ahead of a pivotal moment in the Brexit negotiations. Research from Aston University shows SMEs have moved over £10bn a year in exports to non-EU markets since the referendum on UK membership of the EU in 2016. The smallest…

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Press Release: Brexit – UK small firms ‘jump before pushed’ into global trade outside the EU

British small firms are “jumping before they’re pushed” into global trade outside the EU, boosting exports to the Commonwealth and leading emerging markets, according to new figures. A research paper indicates the UK’s exporters have diverted around £10bn (£12.4bn) of potential trade with European markets to new exports around the world…

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Press Release: Brexit – UK’s smallest firms divert £10bn in exports away from EU

Companies are ‘jumping before they are pushed’ as fears mount over collapse in trade talks. Micro Exporters have switched up to 46% of new export growth to non-EU markets since the Brexit vote. Britain’s smallest companies are “jumping before they are pushed” by diverting £10bn in exports away from the EU as concerns mount over a possible collapse…

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Press Release: Will COVID-19 solve the UK productivity puzzle?

Adversity often gives rise to innovation and a boost in productivity, and the coronavirus outbreak looks set to be no different, prompting a new attitude to digital technology. The coronavirus-induced shutdown has caused a revolution in how we work . Overnight bricks-and-mortar stores shuttered, while agile businesses shifted online to survive. Countless collaborative…

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LBGCBP Publish Research Paper No. 1

Dr Agelos Delis, Dr Mustapha Douch, Professor Jun Du, Professor Christos Ioannidis, Dr Sandra Lancheros and Dr Enrico Vanino published White Paper No. 1: The UK Trade in the New Globalised World, March 2019

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Press Release

Professor Jun Du and Dr Enrico Vanino published a press release about the new research paper on the UK's fast growth firms and their wider economic impact, funded by ERC. The paper shows that the UK's efforts to boost productivity while ironing out regional inequalities in job creation may be fundamentally at odds, through studying 6.25m firms over a 17-year period.…

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