British Trade Post-Brexit: A New World for Global British Business

As the UK prepares to conclude its exit from the EU, nearly one in five British exporters have already changed trading partners to divert business outside the EU, 'British Businesses Redraw Global Trade Footprint'.  Read more in a new report by Lloyds Bank and LBGCBP about British Businesses creating a new trading footprint around the world, A New World for Global…

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Revisiting Governance & Institutions

Hosted by Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Business Prosperity a special workshop on Revisting Governance & Institutions took place on 25 November 2020 which included presentations by Professor Sumon Bhaumik (University of Sheffield) and Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz (Aston University). Chair: Professor Jun Du (Director LBGCBP, Aston University) Speaker:…

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Training & Productivity Workshop

Supported by Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Business Prosperity, Enterprise Research Centre & Regional Studies Association (West Midlands), a special four paper workshop on Training and Productivity presented by Dr Bochra Idris, Dr Susan Schwarz, Dr Maria Wishart and Dr David Morris took place on 5 November 2020. Chair: Professor Jun Du (Aston University),…

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Revised Publication: Defying Gravity? Policy Uncertainty, Trade Destruction and Diversion

Dr Mustapha Douch, Professor Jun Du and Dr Enrico Vanino have made substantial changes to their publication 'Defying Gravity? Policy Uncertainty, Trade Destruction and Diversion'. To read the full article, please click here.

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Conference: 5th Geography of Innovation (GEOINN2020)

Both Dr Meng Song and  Ms Xiaocan Yuan were invited to present at the 5th Geography of Innovatiion Conference (GEOINNO2020), 29 - 31 January 2020, held at the Clarion Hotel Energy, Stavanger, Norway. Dr Meng Song presented 'How to gain from agglomeration externalities for innovation: the moderation role of FDI' and the title of Ms Xiaocan Yuan's work was 'Path-breaking to…

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LBGCBP Reading Club

As part of the LBGCBP initiative, a reading club has been developed in order to learn, share and create collaborative opportunities. The first session took place on 4 December 2019 with the theme 'Services and Productivity'. The two papers discussed, 'The Rise of the Service Economy by Francisco J. Buera & Jospeh P. Kaboksi' and 'The Industrial Revolution in Service'…

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Microeconometrics Data Analysis Workshops

On 17 September 2019 LBGCBP hosted the first of two Microeconometrics Data Analysis Workshops presented by Professor Sourafel Girma from University of Nottingham. The first session focused on Exploratory Data Analysis and Regression Visualisation. The second two-day topic took place on 24 & 25 September 2019 and looked at Microeconometric Policy Evaluation Methods for…

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LBGCBP Special Workshop Entrepreneurship: Beyond and Around

On 19 June LBGCBP hosted a special three paper workshop with presentations from Professor Michael Fritsch, Professor David Storey and Professor Tomasz Mickiweicz. Speaker: Professor Michael Fritsch Title: Does Successful Innovation Require Large Cities? The Case of Germany Abstract: Some popular theories claim that large cities provide a much better environment for…

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As part of our research into topics including trade and productivity & skills, we have produced a series of detailed publications which you are welcome to download and study the findings.


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