News Article: Business Futures Survey

LBGCBP has collaborated with the Enterprise Research Centre (Aston University) on a Business Futures Survey aimed at small businesses with fewer than 250 employees. The survey focuses on how a company has fared over the last few months and how best they see the future with a particular focus on digital technologies and environmental sustainability. It is intended…

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Press Release: Feeding the Celtic Tiger – Brexit, Ireland and Services Trade

Irish eyes smiling as Brexit sees services trade switch from UK 31 May 2021 | Birmingham, UK Ireland “the big winner from Brexit” as its services exports boom at Britain’s expense since 2016 Irish services exports surged by £126bn (€144bn) as the UK’s fell by £113bn (€130bn) from previous trends in the wake of the referendum While Covid-19 has distorted trade…

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News Article: Global Challenges Research Fund

Seed corn funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund by UKRI on biomass-biobutanol-bio-LPG in Brazil, £60K, has been awarded to Dr Agelos Delis (CI) and Dr Jude Onwudili (EAS), partners in Brazil and SHV Energy. May-July 2021      

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Research Paper Accepted: Cognitive Financial Constraints and Firm Growth

Cognitive Financial Constraints and Firm Growth Article accepted: 21 April 2021 A research paper 'Cognitive Financial Constraints and Firm Growth', written by Professor Jun Du and Dr Bach Nguyen has been accepted by the Small Business Economics.        

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UK House of Lords EU Committee Enquiry

Written evidence by Prof Jun Du and Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo has been adopted by UK House of Lords EU Committee Inquiry: The future UK-EU relations on trade in services and cited in the EU Services Sub-Committee report Beyond Brexit: trade in services, published on 24 March, 2021.      

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New Publication: Ownership, Age of Firm and Productivity: Unbundling Brittelstand

Ownership, Age of Firm and Productivity: Unbundling Brittelstand Article published: 22 March 2021 A project paper written by Dr Mustapha Douch, Professor Jun Du and Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz, 'Ownership, Age of Firm and Productivity: Unbundling Brittelstand'  has been published in the Journal of Competitiveness. Abstract: Total factor productivity…

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Blog Post: The end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end for UK trade?

The end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end for UK trade? 19 March 2021 2020 was a terrible year for UK trade. Overall, UK exports in goods contracted by almost 15%, down by £54.5 bln[i] in the twelve-month period, this is even worse than the contraction seen in the UK economy as a whole, which was just under 10% in GDP terms. [ii] Furthermore,…

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Press Release: UK Goods Exports Slump by £45bn and Market Share Shrinks in Covid Trade Rout

  UK goods exports slump by £54bn and market share shrinks in Covid trade rout 8 March 2021 | Birmingham, UK   Britain’s goods exports fell by £54bn (14.7%) in 2020 as Covid-19 convulsed global markets Key manufactures including cars, machinery and pharmaceuticals all slumped in global markets – but gold was an unlikely exception As some markets…

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Lloyds Trade Campaign Chapter 2

Prof Jun Du, Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo, Dr Meng Song and XiaocanYuan have written an article ‘UK Trade and Prosperity 2020 - Looking Beyond BREXIT and COVID‘ which will be released on 8th February 2021 and is the foundation work for the Lloyds Trade Campaign Chapter 2. This is the 2020 year-end report, finalising a series of research outputs from the Lloyds Banking…

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Prof Jun Du: Improving Productivity across Businesses through Brexit and COVID

On 3rd February 2021, Professor Jun Du was invited to give a speech 'Improving Productivity across Businesses through Brexit and COVID' at the Westminster Higher Education Forum Policy Conference: next steps for UK research and development - support and policy priorities, international and cross-sector collaboration, and the role in economic recovery'. Click…

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As part of our research into topics including trade and productivity & skills, we have produced a series of detailed publications which you are welcome to download and study the findings.


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