What’s Behind UK-US ‘Mini Trade Deal’ & Will It Pave the Way to Broader Free Trade Agreement?

Professor Jun Du has been quoted in an article appearing in Sputnik International, 'What's Behind UK-US Mini Trade Deal & will it Pave the Way to a Broader Free Trade Agreement'. To read the full article, click here.        

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British Trade Post-Brexit: A New World for Global British Business

As the UK prepares to conclude its exit from the EU, nearly one in five British exporters have already changed trading partners to divert business outside the EU, 'British Businesses Redraw Global Trade Footprint'.  Read more in a new report by Lloyds Bank and LBGCBP about British Businesses creating a new trading footprint around the world, A New World for Global…

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Revisiting Governance & Institutions

Hosted by Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Business Prosperity a special workshop on Revisting Governance & Institutions took place on 25 November 2020 which included presentations by Professor Sumon Bhaumik (University of Sheffield) and Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz (Aston University). Chair: Professor Jun Du (Director LBGCBP, Aston University) Speaker:…

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Training & Productivity Workshop

Supported by Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Business Prosperity, Enterprise Research Centre & Regional Studies Association (West Midlands), a special four paper workshop on Training and Productivity presented by Dr Bochra Idris, Dr Susan Schwarz, Dr Maria Wishart and Dr David Morris took place on 5 November 2020. Chair: Professor Jun Du (Aston University),…

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Prof Jun Du: Speaker at GTR 2020 Virtual Conference

Professor Jun Du was invited to speak at the GTR UK 2020 Virtual Conference, the UK’s leading event for trade and exports on 3 November 2020. Following changes in the UK’s trade landscape which has placed the onus on companies to look further afield, the presentation ‘Key Insights: Trade Diversion in a Dynamic Globalised World’ reported on UK trade trends and…

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Blog Post: Are Individualistic Societies Worse at Responding to Pandemics?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently suggested that coronavirus infections are higher in the UK than Germany or Italy because Britons love freedom more, and find it harder to adhere to control measures. Unsurprisingly, this view has attracted a lot of criticism. Some have argued that Germany and Italy love freedom just as much as the UK . Others suggest the…

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UK Parliament Inquiry: The Future UK-EU Relationship on the Professional & Business Services

Prof Jun Du, Dr Mustapha Douch, Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo and Uzoamaka Nduka submitted a piece of written evidence for the Parliament Inquiry on European Union Committee: The future UK-EU relationship on the Professional and Business Services in June 2020. It has now been adopted and published by the EU Services Sub-Committee October 2020.  ……

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New Publication: An Examination of EU Trade Disintegration Scenarios

Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo and Dr Karen Jackson (University of Westminster) have had a new publication accepted in the World Economy, “An Examination of EU Trade Disintegration Scenarios”. Abstract This paper demonstrates the welfare implications of the differential disintegration of the EU. Using a structural gravity approach, our estimates suggest that the rest of…

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UK Parliament Inquiry: The UK-US Trade Negotiations

Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo, Prof Jun Dun and Uzoamaka Nduka submitted evidence to the UK Parliament Inquiry: The UK-US Trade Negotiations. In response to the call, they provided evidence in the area of ‘general and cross-cutting issues’. In particular they comment on the estimated gains from an UK-US trade agreement in trade in goods, and reflected trade policy; UK…

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Impact of COVID on Globalisation

Prof Jun Du was invited by Atheneum Partners to give industrial thought leaders a webinar on "Impact of COVID on Globalisation” on 4 September 2020.        

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