The dates for our LBG Centre for Business Prosperity seminars can be found below:

Term 1

  • 10th of October 2018: Dr Arash Sadeghi (ABS-LLoyds Centre) “Perceived export performance measurement model & Post-entry speed of internationalisation”
  • 17th of October 2018: Dr Mustapha Douch (ABS-Lloyds Centre) “The Trade Effects of the Brexit Announcement Shock” – Room MB231 (14.00 – 15.00pm)
  • 7th of November 2018: Dr Alejandro Riano (University of Nottingham) “All These World are Yours, Except India: The Effectiveness of Export Subsidies in Nepal” – Room MB 574 (time tbc)

Term 2

  • 4th of February 2019: Prof Theofanis Mamuneas (University of Cyprus) “Congestion, Highway Capital and Productivity Growth”
  • 6th of February 2019: Dr Huw Edwards (University of Loughborough)
  • 13th of February 2019: Prof Christos Ioannidis (ABS-LLoyds Centre)
  • 27th of February 2019: Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo (ABS-LLoyds Centre)
  • 26th of March 2019: Dr Cher Li (Nottingham University Business School) “Participating in Standards Organisations: The Role of R&D, Patents and Product-Market Position in Developing Open Technology Platforms”
  • 3rd of April 2019: Prof Giordano Mion (University of Sussex)
  • 29th of May 2019: Prof Holger Gorg (University of Kiel)