The Centre for Business Prosperity are to present to you the fourth Data Speaks session entitled ‘UK Firms and Regions: Administrative and Survey Data from UK Office of National Statistics’.

There is rich knowledge and strong expertise among the researchers of the Centre for Business Prosperity and the Enterprise Research Centre on UK’s administrative data mostly compiled by the ONS and large-scale surveys. This is crucial for empirical research on UK firms, industries and regions on a wide range of issues related to the economy and society. As was for previous Data Speaks sessions, this session is designed for knowledge sharing and stimulating discussions and collaborations. This time, our speakers, Dr Neha Prashar and Dr Anastasia Ri, will share their extensive knowledge and experience of using ONS data, and offer their tips on where to start and how to use them effectively, including:

  • IDBR’s Business Structural Database (BSD)
  • Annual Population Survey
  • Annual Business Survey
  • Annual Surveys of Hours and Earning
  • Community Innovation Survey
  • E-commerce
  • Understanding Society

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