As part of the CBP seminar series, Dr Anna Valero (London School of Economics) will provide a presentation on ‘Spillovers from Science to Technology’.



Scientific knowledge creates value by serving as an input to technology development. Variation in such value across disciplines, institutions, and regions may inform efficient targeting of science funding. This project proposes a method to rank scientific output by the value of its knowledge spillovers to technology. Using the full patent-paper citation network, we assign a portion of the private returns from each patented invention to the inventions and scientific contributions it builds upon directly or indirectly. We use our method to describe heterogeneity in spillovers across countries, disciplines and institutions, with a particular focus on the UK and comparator countries. We consider spillovers from science into global innovation, and those that are retained within national boundaries. Such analysis can help to inform industrial and innovation policies. In particular, we zero in on the value created by science for “clean” innovation to examine the role of science policy in tackling the climate crisis and creating growth opportunities during the net-zero transition.


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