The Centre for Business Prosperity will be holding the first seminar in it’s new series, Data Speaks, with a presentation on ‘The Use of Orbis Data‘.


  • Dr Meng Song – Introduction to Orbis
  • Dr Meng Song – Zephyr and M&A
  • Dr Agelos Delis – Orbis Ownership and reshoring)
  • Professor Chris Jones – Orbis Tax Havens

To register your interest in the event please contact Lynne Woolley: [email protected]

II: Trade and internationalisation Data
January 2022

III: Data that allows you to talk Green I
(Joint DM&DI themes)
February 2022

IV: Data that allows you to talk Green II
(Joint DM&MG themes)
March 2022

V: UK Administrative Data
April 2022

VI: Financial and Corporate Data
May 2022

VII: Data on Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights
June 2022

VIII: Data in the Wild
July 2022