Prof Chris Jones, Dr Matt Olczak, Dr Yama Temouri (Aston University) and Prof Stephen Davies (University East Anglia) have obtained funding £165,037 from the Leverhulme Trust for a project entitled “Tax Haven use and Industrial Concentration by Multinational Firms”. Funding will last 30 months effective June 22.


Across the globe there is concern that competition is declining and markets are becoming dominated by a few very large firms. At the same time, the use of tax havens by multinational firms has become a salient issue – the OECD estimates that 100-240 billion USD of lost tax revenue occurs annually. However, the relationship between competition and tax haven use has received little attention in the academic literature. In this project, we will address this gap by using a novel and innovative interdisciplinary perspective to develop our understanding of how tax avoidance can increase industrial concentration and harm competition.