Creating high quality databases

We rely on high quality data and the expertise of using data to conduct rigorous and timely research. At CBP, we have built solid databases to study the UK trade and productivity, consisting of some of the best UK and EU countries’ microdata that exists.

Our UK DataService (UKDS) databases

  • UK DataService (UKDS) data
  • UK firm level data: The Business Structure Database (BSD) that contain the population of the UK businesses, the Annual Respondence Database/Annual Business Survey (ABS)
  • International Trade in Services (ITIS)
  • UK Innovation Survey (CIS)
  • UK Business Expenditure on Research and Development (BERD)
  • UK Research and Development Expenditures and Subsidies Firm Productivity, Employment UK Creation and Survival
  • UK Employer Skills Survey (ESS)
  • Skills and Employment Surveys Series Dataset (SES)

Trade transaction data

  • The HMRC trade transaction data through Datalab.
  • GENES – CASD French trade transaction data

Large commercial cross-country microdata

  • BvD Orbis firm level data
  • BvD Orbis Zephyr M&A data
  • BvD Orbis Intellectual Property data
  • Bloomberg firm level data
  • Questel Orbit Intelligence
  • Questel Orbit Trademarks
  • Questel Orbit Design
  • Questel Orbit Licencing

Sector level data

  • Comtrade data for the World product trade statistics
  • World Robotics statistics

Research Areas

The Centre for Business Prosperity delivers world leading research in a multitude of different topics.


As part of our research into topics including trade and productivity & skills, we have produced a series of detailed publications which you are welcome to download and study the findings.